Vision: A society in which its diverse population works together to drive local sustainable development.

Mission: Drive the development of individuals and communities by coordinating educational programs that integrate diverse sectors of society to increase the development of all.

Values: participation, reciprocity, empowerment, self-management, equity, empathy, resilience and perseveration.

About us…

Caras was founded by a group of college students who were looking for ways to serve different communities. Ten years later, we're dedicated as professionals to eradicate poverty through community organization and leadership development to drive self-management, education as a liberating tool and the environment as a resource that heals and stimulates the economy.

Our team is composed of volunteers, teachers, psychologists, lawyers, social workers, community leaders and biologists. 

Caras carries out its mission through collaboration and integration. 

Caras has the support of various companies, foundations and donors committed to the eradication of poverty in Puerto Rico.

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